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Earth Goddess Body Collection

We are so happy to share our Earth Goddess Body Collection with our Eco-Friends! All our products in this line are hand made for a Goddess, like you!  

LaToya, Owner & Founder

At 37 years old, I realized the importance of feeling cared for and loved.  With this Body Collection I want to do just that for our Eco-Friends! I want them to feel empowered and a Goddess!

Real Rose Petals

We package each Goddess product order with dried flowers! So, yes...our presentation is fit for a Goddess!

An Empowering Reminder

Each Goddess order gets a Goddess Body Gold Card.  This card reminds you of the beautiful Goddess you are by listing wonderful affirmations. We want you to feel like a Goddess inside and out!

Exfoliating Face Scrub

Now available! Free Shipping! 

Earth Goddess Body Collection

Hand made products fit for a Goddess just As It Should Be!

More Than Just a Skincare Brand...

As It Should Be is more than just a skincare brand.  We want to do more for your skin and our environment. We are not just using "Green" vocabulary, we really do mean it! We package our products in glass jars or recyclable plastic, we use mailers made from recycled materials to lower the use of natural resources, and we encourage our customers to recycle. Well, they are not really just our customers, they are our Eco-Friends. To achieve our goal in becoming the most eco-friendly skincare company in the world, we understand the need for teamwork! With every purchase by our Eco-Friends, they help us grow. As we grow, we become a bigger help mate to Mother Earth, just As It Should Be.