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About Us

A Closer Look at the Founder

I started the company in 2019 in hopes of changing the skincare game! I loved makeup and I quickly discovered by the ripe young age of 36, that skincare is VERY important. So, I set out to create a company that would change the world! Big dreams right from the start.  Back then, I wanted to make it easy for people to care about the environment. The amount of plastics floating in our ocean was a great concern for me and learning about "trash island" in grad school gave me nightmares. So I set out to be Eco-Friendly. To me it was a win win, healthy skin, cleaner environment.  I quickly came to realize that this vision was not going to come to fruition so easily. 

With the competition out there in skincare, what made my company so special? Was it because I was Black & Woman Owned? Was it because I was located in West Virginia? What was it that made me different? I didn't want to keep saying the fluffy stuff...you know, quality ingredients...so on and so on. I knew my clinical skincare was amazing! I knew if people would try it they would love it...I knew all of this, but wasn't sure of myself. 

At the end of 2019 I set out for reconstructive surgery due to a birth defect called Poland Syndrome.  I joined a community of women who were born with the same birth defect to gather insight.  I noticed a common theme, "feeling incomplete". I too felt the same way.  

As I was recovering from surgery in the beginning of 2020 I started to do some real soul searching.  I needed to heal my heart as well as my body.  That's when I created Earth Goddess Body Collection.  Handmade products that turned out be the purpose I was searching for! 

Now, I embrace who I am! I am single mother with surgery scars, stretch marks, cellulite.  I am woman who has been through the fire and still comes out golden. I am a leader that empowers and brings awareness to Poland Syndrome. I am a Goddess...and I am here to you remind you, YOU are one too! 

Skincare with a Purpose

As It Should Be sets out to be more than just about our products, we set out to be a part of our community:  

Located in Morgantown, WV, we look forward to providing more than 1500 jobs, hire West Virginia University students for both paid and unpaid internships, and utilize the services of local and small businesses. 

We aim to give back and raise awareness:

LaToya plans to raise awareness about Poland Syndrome speaking at events and doing interviews.  She also looks forward to giving charitable funds to women who seek to have reconstructive surgery for Poland Syndrome in the United States. 

We are working towards a cleaner planet:

Our mission is not only uplift, encourage, and inspire our customers, we are also working towards a cleaner planet! Our vision is to be able clean up beaches, build clean energy powered recycling centers in WV, and recycle as much plastic as possible. 


We do have big dreams, big vision! How are going to get there? Easy, one jar, one Eco-Friend, and one Goddess at a time.